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Employee engagement made easy

Engaging your staff is a challenge, and a pretty hard one at that. With Wotter’s suite of tools, we change the game to easy mode. With our automatic data collection and AI powered analysis, you’ll be able to take your engagement to the next level. 



Using our AI algorithm, collect the right data you need at the right time. We collect data continuously, so you can focus on the important bit, making changes.


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On your Wotter dashboard, you'll have easy to use modules that show your engagement score in manageable sections including your overall score, your Core 24 breakdown, and your notes.


AI Trend Analysis Example - Wotter


Using this data, or our AI generated trends, you'll discover the the key areas you may want to pay some attention to, and the things your employees are talking about the most.


Example of Wotter custom question creation.


Now you know where you can improve, it's time to act! Using our Action tracking system, you can monitor changes to specific areas of engagement over time, as well as ask your own custom questions to see how things are doing.


Example Image of the Wotter Action tracking feature.


Engagement is a continuous process, so the fun doesn't stop once you've made some positive strides. But with Wotter, you'll have access to an easy to manage platform that'll help you tackle the challenges that employee engagement brings.

Live feedback with next generation analytics? The future of employee engagement is now.

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Live employee insights

Make targeted improvements with
real-time data

Retain talent, improve your bottom line and make your business work better for everyone. ​

Using our AI algorithms, you can ask the right people, the right questions, at the right time to get the data you need.

Our AI technology breaks down the notes your staff leave into their common themes. Making it easy to find out exactly what your company is talking about.

With Wotter, you can collect your equity, diversity, and inclusion data all year round at the push of a button. No more annual surveys. 

Pinpoint strengths, uncover growth opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to improve retention, productivity, and culture.

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Award-winning employee engagement

Carrington West have used Wotter to strengthen their company throughout a steep period of growth, maintaining the coveted Investors in People Platinum Status and achieving the:

  • Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023
  • IIP UK Employer of the Year Award (50-249 employees)

      …all in their first year with Wotter.

Why Wotter?

We’re an award winning platform, gathering feedback in real-time, empowering you to make decisions based on what’s happening in the business right now. 

Working with live data means you can catch problems before they snowball and spot every window of opportunity to make work better for everyone.

Collect real feedback with anonymous surveys

Always collect the most relevant feedback with continuous pulse surveys 

These surveys measure how your teams are feeling across Wotter’s Core 24 pillars of engagement.

You can also create your own surveys and send surveys from our pre-written bank (includes popular topics like DE&I – except we do that one a little differently…)

Track the impact of your actions

Don't just create initiatives – see how effective they are at tackling the issues in question

Action tracking gives you the power to be certain about what’s working, and to adjust course where needed. 

Track unlimited actions across the whole business to justify expenditures, allocate budgets correctly and focus your efforts in the right places.

Collaboration Benchmark

Find out what your employees really want​

Employees can tell you what they need to work better with anonymous suggestions

You’ll also be able to strike up a conversation around any suggestion left, giving the relevant employee an opportunity to shed a bit more light on the topic – all whilst staying completely anonymous. 

Anonymous Conversation Example - Bubble 1
Anonymous Conversation Example - Bubble 2

Help your team celebrate each other

Recognise your team players and spread positivity throughout the business

Giving all employees a channel to send recognition will strengthen relationships across the company and shine a light on the unsung heroes of your organisation. 

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Works better for everyone

asif testimonial 1
Asif Naidu COO, Fiscal Engineers

"Switching from our old system to Wotter has increased engagement.

But more importantly, it’s helped us understand how our employees are responding to their work, our company, and the wider world at any given moment."

Emily Christmas HR Manager, Carrington West

“We are incredibly proud to be recognised as an Investors in People UK Employer of the Year and to have won an award for our employee engagement strategy.

A huge part of the success of our engagement programme is our use of Wotter. It allows us to really understand how they are feeling on any given day or week and respond quickly."

Jill 1
Jill Garrett ED, Tentpeg Consulting
Ex-MD, Gallup

"I've met with Wotter to support their research as they seek to create questions that get to the heart of a wide range of issues that matter to 21st century employees and businesses.

I applaud Wotter as they continue their research to track the key facets of employee engagement."

kerry ashdown
Kerry Masterson HR Manager, Ashdown Group

"We are thrilled to have won the Best Newcomer Investor’s in People Award! Our hard work is starting to see results and we’re looking forward to our next accreditation status!

Implementing Wotter has been a great success at Ashdown Group! It is clear the app has made employees feel engaged and valued as their true thoughts and feelings can be heard with the anonymity of their responses, they also have a real impact on the culture and direction of the company’s future."

Tracey Marshall picture 1
Tracey Marshall Head of HR – REC

"Wotter gives you constant snapshots of the business’s employee engagement from every angle, showing you the real-time effects of initiatives and company changes.

The platform is effortless to use, and Wotter’s team are incredibly responsive to any questions or issues."

Claire Kissane Director, IPEX Consulting

"I’ve never had proof before, now I have proof."

Get Involved

We want everyone to get the most out of work, and we love talking to likeminded people. 

Or, check out the Wotter Future podcast to hear advice from a range of experts (we’re talking top CEOs to wellness gurus) about the future of work. 

Wotter Resources

Ready to explore the world of employee engagement a little further?

Dive into engagement techniques, business trends, and personal stories in our blog.

Or, take a look at our turnover cost calculator to see how retention rates could be impacting your bottom line.

Award Winning Employee Engagement

Innovation that drives results

By making it easy for employees to connect, communicate, and contribute, our award-winning solution helps companies tap into their workforce’s full potential.

Wotter’s proven impact on engagement, productivity, and retention is why thousands of users trust us to empower their people and strengthen their cultures.


Your actions are only as good as your best guess.
So stop guessing.