Employee feedback is nothing without action. So we track both.


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Your Wotter dashboard shows you a bird’s eye view of your employee engagement, so you can see at a glance where to target your next initiative. 

Imagine this heatmap belongs to your company. It’s clear that there are obvious areas for improvement – like the way employee workloads are managed, especially in the IT department.

We should probably do something about that…



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So, you’re trying to take some pressure off your IT team, and fast, before they get burnt out. There’s always the option of bringing in more employees to share the workload, but you decide to try something else out first. 

You try changing up the work pattern; instead of letting projects roll from one week into the next, you start setting tasks on Monday and rounding them up by Friday afternoon. 

You upload this Weekly Task Action into your Wotter dashboard, select the areas of engagement you want to track as metrics of success, and wait for the stats to roll in.


It’s been 2 weeks since you changed the IT team’s work pattern. You log into your dashboard and see that your Action is a success! Employees in the IT department are feeling a lot better about their workload, morale is higher, and productivity is on the rise. 

Now you’re certain you’re onto something, time to turn things up a notch. Why not boost engagement in other departments by launching the weekly work pattern company wide, or by giving your management team some complimentary training? 

Whatever it is you do next, we’ll show you the difference it makes, every step of the way. 

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