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The Wotter Mission

Everybody has had a job they hated, our founders Paul and Fraser included, so they set out to build a platform that would discover exactly what it is that makes people hate their jobs – or what makes people love them. Now, Wotter helps companies to understand this, so they can make things better for their employees.

Wotter, and all of its clients, are driven by the same desire – to make a real impact on the world of work.

Fraser Duncumb, CEO


Paul Johnson, COO


Fraser Duncumb, CEO


Paul Johnson, COO


The Backstory:

We started off with an employee engagement tool that did pretty much the same thing every other platform does – run employee pulse surveys.Then one day, we had a conversation that changed the way we thought about engagement. We spoke with a PLC who told us:

"We spend a million every year on events and incentives, and we’ve got no idea if it even works."

We realised that knowing how your employees feel is of little use without seeing the payoff. We didn’t want Wotter to be yet another tool pumping out attractive data for the HR team to drown in.

We needed to give people the tools to use their data strategically, so Wotter reached its next iteration – giving companies the ability to track the impact of their actions across specific areas of employee engagement.

Moving from reactive to predictive

Just a few months after we installed Action-tracking, we had another epiphany. The Wotter platform and employee engagement platforms in general were behind the problem.

We were showing our clients fires that needed to put out, but we wanted to show them where the sparks were catching.

Now, using the power of AI, Wotter is a predictive platform that gives HR teams the power to act proactively to prevent problems.

Who Wotter's For

We're not for the faint-hearted. those afraid of change. everyone.

You heard that right! We’re not for everyone. A predictive AI platform isn’t exactly a addition to the HR team, and it’s not one every company is ready to welcome in.

However, Wotter is for people who aren’t afraid to try a new way of doing things.

It’s for people who know there’s got to be a better way out there and are hell bent on finding it. It’s for people who want to get ahead of the curve, who know they need to see the difference they’re making, and who always want to see what to tackle next.

Our Values

Do Good

When given the choice to do what’s best for the company or what’s best for the world at large, choose the world at large, and sort out the company later. 

Be a force for good, give credit everywhere it’s due, and empower others to do the best work they can.

Think Hard

Push your brain. Constantly ask yourself: ‘How could this be better? What barriers did I encounter? How can I eradicate them? What caused me to make an error? How can I make sure I don’t make the same one next time?’ Ask the same of others, and expect them to ask the same of you. 

We strive for a constant growth mindset at Wotter, because things can always be better.

Be Human

We all make mistakes, we all get ill, we all have off days. This is not a bad thing, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. 

If you make a mistake, own up to it, and examine what led you there. If you’re not well, put yourself first. If something’s wrong, talk to someone.