Take the best actions to consistently improve your business

Give yourself the power to track the effect of any action you take on any engagement metric you select. 


See the impact of every action you take

Engaging your team starts with improving your solutions

Action tracking enables you to upgrade your initiatives in real-time based on live feedback from employees. 

Measurable employee engagement initiatives

Target specific issues with Actions

Take action to tackle any dips in employee engagement across demographics, and follow the success of your Action by selecting any of the Core 24 engagement pillars to track alongside it.

Say your engagement heatmap shows a growing issue with relationships in the admin department, you can plan a team-building exercise, upload it to Wotter and see what the difference was in team cohesion days, weeks, and months later. 

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Budget better

See how well your solutions are working

With clarity over how your Actions are really working to better engage teams across specific engagement areas, you’ll be able to invest more in the measures that do the job. 

You’ll have the data you need to scrap Actions that sap your budget and you’ll be better equipped to justify worthy expenditures in the boardroom. 

Improve engagement initiatives

Continuously upgrade your solutions

Don’t settle for solutions that make the problem smaller – go for gold by tweaking your Action and seeing how much more engaged your team are with each iteration. 

Action-tracking happens automatically in the background from the moment you set it up, so you’ll always be able to dip back in and make adjustments as you go to customise your solutions for your business

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Make better decisions every day

People decisions are business decisions