Gather the no-nonsense employee feedback you need to make real change

Get to the heart of every issue with anonymous surveys that run continuously to keep your finger on the pulse. 

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Find out what your team wish they could tell you

When you understand your team's needs, you understand your company's needs

Anonymous surveys give you true insight into how your employees feel, what they’re missing and what you can do about it. 

Live employee insights

Stay connected with continuous surveys

Keep up-to-date about all the talking points and issues with continuous surveys sent out automatically. These surveys measure your employee engagement across our Core 24 pillars. 

These surveys work dynamically. How? Our AI question selector handpicks questions specifically for each employee based on both their individual feedback history and the overall company’s current engagement trends, so you’re always gathering the most relevant data. 


Pre-written employee engagement surveys

Delve into important issues with pre-built surveys

Gain insight into a wide range of prominent topics by sending out surveys from our pre-written library to your choice of demographics. 

Choose from our bank of surveys covering everything from remote work to mental health to DE&I (although we do that last one a little differently to most…)

Custom employee surveys

Find out more about specific issues with custom surveys

Get to the bottom of any question on your mind by designing your own surveys. 

You’ll be able to schedule surveys to go out to specific demographics at specific times, helping you stay organised and gather feedback on the actions you’ve got lined up on the company calendar. 


Open the door to real feedback, and real progress

When everybody has honest feedback, work just works better