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kerry ashdown
Kerry Masterson HR Manager, Ashdown Group

"We are thrilled to have won the Best Newcomer Investor’s in People Award! Our hard work is starting to see results and we’re looking forward to our next accreditation status!

Implementing Wotter has been a great success at Ashdown Group! It is clear the app has made employees feel engaged and valued as their true thoughts and feelings can be heard with the anonymity of their responses, they also have a real impact on the culture and direction of the company’s future."

    Tracey Marshall picture 1
    Tracey Marshall Head of HR – REC

    '‘Wotter gives you constant snapshots of the business’s employee engagement from every angle, showing you the real-time effects of initiatives and company changes.

    The platform is effortless to use, and Wotter’s team are incredibly responsive to any questions or issues."

      Carrington West HR Manager, Carrington West

      “We are incredibly proud to be recognised as an Investors in People UK Employer of the Year and to have won an award for our employee engagement strategy.

      A huge part of the success of our engagement programme is our use of Wotter. It allows us to really understand how they are feeling in on any given day or week and respond quickly."

        asif testimonial 1
        Asif Naidu COO, Fiscal Engineers

        "Switching from our old system to Wotter has increased engagement.

        But more importantly, it’s helped us understand how our employees are responding to their work, our company, and the wider world at any given moment."

          Jill 1
          Jill Garrett ED, Tentpeg Consulting
          Ex-MD, Gallup

          "I've met with Wotter to support their research as they seek to create questions that get to the heart of a wide range of issues that matter to 21st century employees and businesses.

          I applaud Wotter as they continue their research to track the key facets of employee engagement."

            Claire Kissane Director, IPEX Consulting

            "I’ve never had proof before, now I have proof."

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