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  • Pulse Questions

    Getting employee feedback can take a while, then there’s the sifting through to organise your priority list. Wotter does it all for you. Our automatic questions test your baseline employee engagement and how each initiative is affecting it.

  • Prebuilt Library

    You’ll gain access to a prebuilt library of questions. Each designed to tackle an crucial part of employee engagement.

  • Instant Feedback

    Discover insights from your employees sent straight to your dashboard. And, with our anonymous comments section, you’ll get detailed notes about what’s going on on the ground floor.

Data Analysis

Dive into questionnaire responses. Find out what your employees love, and what they think could improve.

Custom Filters

Take your analysis to the next level. Filter by date, team, manager and more.

Machine Learning

Wotter learns over time. Using our machine learning algorithm, you might see a change in your employee engagement before it happens.

Focus Groups

Do you want to see how a certain group responds to change? With Wotter, you can request participation from chosen staff, teams, or departments.


Question responses are anonymous. As a result, you get honest, accurate answers that are suitable for analysis.

Direct Questions

If it looks like a particular team or demographic has an issue, you can direct questions to them to receive concrete feedback.

Personality Test Screenshots

Personality Type Analysis

As Wotter collects more information, you’ll learn which personality types thrive in your company, and which could use a little more support.


Staff are able to get an overview of what their strengths and weaknesses might be. More often than not, test takers think about results and what they believe to be true, which can lead to getting the extra support in areas they made it.

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