Fixing The Wrong Problems

Overstretches HR

HR have enough on their plates without compounding their workloads with unnecessary problems. 

Letting issues rack up can lead to a vicious cycle of complaints being missed or ignored, causing even more frustration amongst staff. 

You don’t want any employees stressed or demotivated, but it’s probably worth paying extra attention to the individuals dealing with larger issues in your company.

Is an Endless Battle

Cut the head off a Hydra, two more will grow in its place. 

Office problems share this trait. If you’re not tackling the core issue, it’s free to grow and spread. Costing you time, money and resources. 

If any issue isn’t going away, it’s worth stepping back and looking for a better problem, rather than a perfect solution.

Damages Motivation

Staff want to be listened to. And if they value working at your company enough to raise concerns, it’s a good idea to pay attention. 

Ignoring well meaning comments is a good way to stop them coming altogether. And if staff don’t care enough to try and help, then you have bigger problems at hand. 

Costs Money

Rolling out a new HR initiative isn’t cheap. So when you do take the plunge, you want to make sure you’re getting the best ROI possible. 

Using up HR’s budget and energy on the wrong problem could land you in a sticky situation when it comes to addressing the right one.

So, how can you find the right problems?

See The Complete Picture

If you knew your company’s issues inside out, how would things change? You’d probably save yourself a lot of time, money and effort, right? 

With Wotter’s demographic breakdowns, you can see what the right problem is and where it’s coming from. Plus, you can tell that you’re making it go away before it snowballs.

Hear What You Need To Hear

Everyone loves a pat on the back to say they’re doing a job well. But positive comments don’t bring the necessary change. 

With Wotter, your staff will have a platform to tell you exactly what they think the right problems may be. And using our built in conversation system, they might even have a few suggestions on how to fix it. 

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Losing Good People?

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  • Struggling to maintain stability in your teams?

Negative Environments?

Are you:

  • Bothered by always battling petty issues?
  • Fed up with bickering getting in the way of productivity?
  • Concerned about the effect on your staff and your service?