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Got a hunch there’s an engagement problem somewhere in the company?

If you’ve got an issue with employee engagement, your company heatmap will show you where it’s coming from – be that a department, location or region. 

Click into this area of the business to view its own heatmap, then get the relevant manager on the phone, look at their team’s data together and make an action plan. 

  • Zoom in and out of your data 
  • Find the right person to fix the problem
  • Delegate & collaborate with ease
  • Set engagement targets 
How to filter data through Wotter
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Want to see what your employees really think?

Never let issues fly under the radar again; use AI Trends to detect the problems your average pulse survey can’t find. 

AI Trends analyses all the notes your employees are leaving you and picks up on the sentiment behind them, showing you a breakdown of what people are saying and what they really mean, so you never get overwhelmed with all the data. 

  • Get the gist of 1,000s of notes in seconds
  • Pick up on previously undetectable issues 
  • Don’t drown in the data 

Solve problems and boost engagement with Actions

Tackle any engagement issue you’ve spotted in your heatmap or AI Trends data by creating and uploading an Action. 

Then, you can track the success of your Action in-platform, so you never have to spend another long night bent over a spreadsheet. Make alterations to your Action at any time to change course and see the difference you’re making. 

  • See the real impact of your Actions
  • Make data-led alterations 
  • Decide what’s worth the investment
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