Negative Environments:

Demotivate Employees

The last thing your employees need pre-coffee on a Monday morning is a negative work environment. Nobody rolls out of bed enthusiastically for that. 

There are countless benefits to having motivated staff – you’ll increase retention, production, sales, customer service…in a nutshell, every underlying measurement you might have of your success.

Affect Alignment

So many companies have a mission statement that champions their treatment of staff. But in reality, a toxic environment can render these worthless.

When leaders and organizations choose to not hold employees and each other to the standard they set, alignment disappears. Trust is damaged. Employees hold back, become frustrated, and of course, can end up leaving to find somewhere more suitable. 

Damage Communication

Communication is key in any business. So naturally, when communication flows poorly, or all in one direction, you’re asking for a breakdown. 

Employees look to their leaders for examples of how to conduct themselves. Issues at the top are likely to filter down and infect the rest of the business. When that happens, employees stop seeing the value in communication — and you stop hearing what matters to them.

Cost Money

Negative environments cost companies billions every year. The worst part? This could all be avoided if companies took the steps to change.

If negative environments are left unchecked, you’re looking at an increase in absenteeism, a reduction of up to  30% in workplace performance, and so many potential business opportunities lost. Worst case scenario: you could even be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. 

All of these factors affect your bottom line and ultimately mean your business has unfulfilled potential.

Can you afford not to change anything?

How can I fix it, I hear you ask?

See The Complete Picture

Without a tool to track engagement, it’s easy to miss areas of your business that are struggling. 

With Wotter, you can drill down into your company by age, location, gender and more, to see which environments might need some work.

Hear What You Need To Hear

It’s not nice to hear that a part of your business isn’t the most positive to work in, but how else would you know how to be better? 

Wotter gives your staff an anonymous way to share what matters to them, what they like, and what could use a little TLC.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Simon Sinek

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