Encourage recognition to spread positivity and celebrate your unsung heroes

Cultivate better relationships between employees and boost the confidence of your team members by promoting recognition. 


Help your team to celebrate each other

Building a culture of appreciation is how you hold on to talent

Recognition sent from all across the organisation strengthens individuals’ sense of community, purpose and pride

Employee recognition

Strengthen relationships between all employees

Give employees from all across the organisation an easy way of recognising good work. 

Recognition doesn’t have to just be top-down or within a team; giving everybody the opportunity to interact allows new relationships to form and flourish. 

With that comes better communication, better collaboration, and better culture

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Reduce staff turnover

Retain top talent with better culture

Recognition is cited as one of the main factors when it comes to retention.

The more you build appreciation into your company culture, the more likely you are to attract and keep your top performers. 

Employee recognition leaderboard

Shout about your team players with the recognition leaderboard

See which employees are getting the most recognition within departments and across the organisation. 

Having a breakdown of the recognition rankings allows you to see who your unsung heroes are and let them know that you appreciate everything they do behind the scenes. 

Let your team know you see everything they’re doing to make the company shine and they’ll want to keep up the good work. 


Help your employees feel valued

Teamwork & soft skills: hard to measure, immeasurably valuable