Better understand your team. Retain top talent.

Join industry leaders using Wotter to reduce staff turnover, build a stronger company culture and improve your bottom line. Wotter comes recommended by the REC. 

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Hear feedback, enact change

Retain your top performers. Protect your business.

Wotter gives you complete oversight of your company so you can make targeted decisions to enhance performance, reduce staff turnover and make your business work better for everyone. 

Live employee insights

Find out how your employees really feel

Wotter shows you live feedback from every demographic of your business, giving you the power to take quick, targeted action. 

When it comes to recruitment, your employees are your business, which is why Wotter gives you so many ways to better understand your team’s needs – from continuous surveys to anonymous chat functions, we’ve got you covered. 

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Reduced staff turnover

Tackle issues with ease to retain talent

Wotter’s actionable feedback data allows you to respond to issues and ideas with agility, so your team can see how much you value them, helping you to reduce turnover and attract top performers from competitors. 

The ability to track the effectiveness of your actions on engagement gives you the power to adjust course and maximise the impact of every initiative

Communication & people strategy

Build a stronger company culture

Wotter makes it easy to build a culture of open communication, recognition and inclusivity. 

By giving your employees an easy way to voice their thoughts, you’ll spend less time patching up problems and more time building a people strategy that pushes the business forwards.

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