Grow your business with a thriving team

Join industry leaders everywhere using Wotter to better engage their teams, grow the business, and retain & attract top talent. 

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Discover what your team need to do their job best

Business success starts with employee growth

Wotter gives you insight into your employees’ hidden needs so you can take action to better engage your team, retain talent and improve your bottom line.

Live employee insights

Discover more about your team

With a small team, it’s easy for everyone to talk to each other, but it’s still difficult to speak about the important stuff.

Wotter helps you uncover issues and barriers your team are experiencing by sending employees regular anonymous surveys. You can see all feedback in real-time and take action based on the current state of the business. 

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A female CEO is talking to another female
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Measurable employee engagement initiatives

Retain and attract top talent

You’ve worked hard to build the best team; Wotter helps you to keep them invested in the business. 

The advantage of running a small company is this: you have the agility larger companies lack.

With the ability to see the impact of your actions on engagement, you can make swift improvements, helping you to retain your top performers and attract some away from competitors. 

Business-wide communication

Build a stronger company culture

Wotter helps you to improve your business every day by giving you a bird’s eye view of engagement, making it easy to push your people strategy forwards

With Wotter, you can build a culture of stronger communication and recognition that supports individual growth and enables business-wide success. 

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Employee success is business success​

Grow your business faster with live employee insights